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Swinging Sites Advice

Finding a good swinging site can be difficult with so many sites devoted to Swinging. There are things to look for in a good site though. Here are a few things to consider looking for.

Free Trials

A free trial membership will allow you to explore the site with limited functions. You may not be able to post messages or contact other swingers, but it will give you time to see how many people are in your area and to get used to the sites functionality. Try to find sites that allow you to browse for free, or at least give you a few days before you are charged. Membership fees can also usually be paid in increments, so you can choose a month to month option, a few months, or even a year. Some sites will also have different levels of memberships, with higher paid options allowing for more communication and features.

Additional Options

A good site will have articles and forums. This allows you to understand more about the lifestyle, and see real issues that people have. This can also be a great benefit to those who are new to the lifestyle. You can read what others have experienced and start to understand exactly what to expect.


Some sites will allow users to meet up in a safe place every so often. These events will usually cost money, but you are provided with a safe and private place to practice. This is another good feature to look for.

Is swinging cheating?

When it comes to whether or not swinging is cheating it usually will depend on who you ask. People that are not into swinging will typically consider it cheating. However, as long as both parties are aware and okay with the other engaging in sexual activity with other partners, then most do not consider this cheating.


Cheating is typically when one partner goes behind the back of another partner and has sex without their partner knowing about it. This is something that is frowned upon as it is emotionally painful and physically dangerous, especially if a condom is not used during the act.


Swinging is something that is typically consensual between 2 adults. They will both agree that they wish to have other sexual partners. Usually their partners are around when this happens. Swinger’s parties will involve several sets of couples that are into swinging. They will all meet and have sex with each other. As long as the other partner is aware of the sexual acts that the other partner is taking part in and is okay with it, then it should not be considered cheating.


A lot of people will consider cheating to be whenever their partner has sex with anybody besides them. These people are not usually into swinging and will therefore not date somebody that is into swinging. This is why it is important to let your partner know right off the bat that you are into swinging so you can go from there.