Discussing your fears with your partner is something that is going to be crucial in any serious relationship. Being able to share your fears with your partner is very intimate and will really shed light on who you really are to them. This is something that may be difficult at first but you will find that once you open up you will feel a lot better.

Relationship Fears

Sharing your ultimate fears in a relationship is something that is very important if you want your relationship to grow at all. Tell them that you are scared of being lied to or that you are terrified of getting left or cheated on. There are a lot of different fears out there, share yours with your partner.

Long Term Fears

If your parents do not have a good relationship with each other and this frightens you for yourself then tell this to your partner. You will find that letting them know that you can recognize a bad relationship when you see one, no matter how close it is is a good sign. They need to know what your worries and fears are for the future.

Overall Fears

Telling them that you are scared of clowns or spiders is something that may be a little bit easier for you to share with your partner. Letting them know what your everyday fears are will help you two to determine who is on spider duty and a mutual understanding of avoiding the carnival all together.