If you are interested in alternative lifestyles, swinging may appeal to you. Swinging is the act of sharing sexual partners with other couples. If you are in a relationship where jealousy isn’t an issue, swinging may be a great way to explore alternative sexual experiences.

Talk to Your Partner

You don’t want to surprise your partner with a membership to a swingers club. Instead, try to incorporate some movies or videos that showcase swinging. Gauge your partners reactions. If they seem mildly interested, allow this to open up a conversation.

Set Some Rules

Before you embark on the new lifestyle, make sure you and your partner have clear cut expectations and rules. You may only want them to swing with you around. You may be open to allowing them to have sex with others without your presence. Either way, this conversation is important to avoid major issues later.

Be Realistic

While you may have fantasies about meeting supermodels, this isn’t going to happen. Swingers are everyday people, just like you. You will find people of all races, shapes, and sizes who participate in the swinging community.

Join a Club

Swingers clubs can be found all over the world. Most clubs will have a private location and host parties a few times a year. A simple internet search will show you the clubs in your areas, when they have events, what the costs of membership are, and what the expectations are. Many times you can go to events as a guest for a lower cost. This will allow you to see first hand what swinging is about before you make the decision to try it out.